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Why are we always repulsed by the current generation’s music?

What is it about the current generation’s music that previous generations always find so repulsive? Is it just that it’s “new” and humans generally don’t deal with “new” very well? Is it that music, as an art form, tends to push boundaries and so it makes people uncomfortable?

I find the music my teens like to be objectively some of the worst music ever created. Even calling it “music” seems generous. It feels like lowest-common-denominator trash focused on lyrically being as edgy as possible, all while requiring absolutely zero talent to create. I just find no redeeming qualities in mumble rap. Also, get off my lawn.

But I’m also keenly aware that my parents likely felt the same about the rock, grunge, punk and ska I listened to as a teen in the 90’s. And my grandparents likely felt the same about the folk & classic rock my parents listened to...with those electric guitars and suggestive lyrics (by 1970’s standards).

So, back to the start: Why?

I have no answers to that question and my assumption is it will continue to be a source of confusion for many generations to come. I just find it interesting that this particular part of culture consistently dumbfounds generation after generation.