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Maybe all that “useless” stuff on Product Hunt serves a higher purpose?

In the past I’ve been critical of the endless stream of seemingly “useless” stuff on Product Hunt, but I’m stopping that now. Props to the folks who actually ship stuff. It’s a heck of a lot more than most people ever do.

The last thing you need is me or anyone else telling you it’s stupid.

I’ve been creating junk on the web for 12+ years and 90% of it has been dumb. But they’ve all been stepping stones to better things.

Of course the world doesn’t need another todo or note-taking app, but the world does need more makers & people who aren’t afraid to try.

Yes, critique is a necessary part of the refining process, but almost no feedback on the web is constructive, nor is it even qualified. You and I don’t know the motivation or goals of the maker, and until we do, our feedback isn’t useful.

Simply not becoming a paying customer or not using the service is some of the strongest feedback a maker can get. It’s up to them to seek on why. It’s up to us to give feedback when it’s requested.

Unsolicited feedback is almost never contextually relevant or useful.

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