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Brush Strokes #97

Network XTZ
Collection Brush Strokes

A piece trying to capture the raw and beatifull texture of brush strokes with thick paint. Has a total of four features:

- Swats: if yes, the piece will pick one color per brush stroke. If no, the piece will pick multiple colors per brush stroke. (the preview has swats)
- Color scheme: a total of 5 color schemes are available.
- Noise: applies to the hillyness of the terrain, if noise is high the artwork will seem more mountanous.
- Highlights: applies to the lighter / darker places of the artwork. If highlights is high these parts will be brighter / more accentuated.

As of rarity:
Swats is 50/50, colors are all equal rarity, noise medium is 50% and low/high 25%, same applies to highlights.