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Entrope #1713

Network ETH
Collection Entropes
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Entropes is an experiment in multiplayer art; a new kind of generative art that is collaborative at the protocol level. Multiplayer art evolves as it is exchanged on the blockchain. When you mint or buy an Entrope, the next step in the artwork's evolution is rendered to token based on the unique address of the buyer. Entropes begin life as simple circles, with unique genomes determining their morphology. A new circle is generated on each transaction based on the chain of owners up to that point (i.e. the same user buying the same piece again will not produce the same circle). When shapes overlap, they "breed" and form new polygons with their own genomes. In this way, an ever-growing chain of owners participate in the realization of the work itself.

Be careful about buying an entrope you previously owned. Reacquiring an entrope you owned fewer than 10 transactions ago will result in a disconnection and you will need to sell your entrope for it to continue evolving.

Get the full resolution render (16,300 x 16,300):