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Tintinnabulum #103

Network XTZ
Collection Tintinnabulum

An audiovisual collection.
Click to start the sound.
Tintinnabulum is an endless generative music player.
There are 8 color palettes which correlate with 8 different root notes (C, G, F, D, Bb, A, Eb, B).

5 Noise types correlate with 5 different scales (Minor, Hicaz, Major, Lydian, Locrian) which have 2 registers.

2 different rhythmical structures (Polyrhthmic & standart). Each has 4 divisions.

2 rotation options; On, Off.
Harmonization process based on Avro Part's 'Tintinnabuli' style.

Made with p5.js and Web Audio.

Ilgın İçözü, November 2021