Josh Pigford

Josh Pigford

Maker. Dabbler. I can't stop starting things. Bearded.

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What I'm working on now

I've got a whole slew of projects going (more on that below), but my primary focus is being the Founder & CEO of Baremetrics.

All the projects


A business insights company I founded in 2013. I'm the CEO of a fully-remote team of eight.

Cedar & Sail

My outlet for creating handmade homegoods, which I sell online and at local markets.

Laser Tweets

I got a Glowforge and started brainstorming fun things to do with it. You send in your favorite tweets, and I laser etch them on wood...because of course you need it.


New music notifications for Spotify and Apple Music. Find out about new music from the artists you love.


Music industry simulation game.


Smart playlists for Spotify.