Josh Pigford

Josh Pigford

Maker. Dabbler. I can't stop starting things. Bearded.

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What I'm working on

In 2021 I founded Maybe where we're helping folks take control of their financial future. I also run Laser Tweets because we all need something ridiculous to do.


Over the years I've done some 40+ interviews, mostly about business.

Past projects

I've been a professional maker of things for 15+ years. See a thorough list of everything I've ever made →


I listen to an absurd amount of music. Basically I've always got something playing. Check out what I'm listening to along with some curated lists.


I listen to way too many podcasts. See what I'm listening to so you can also listen to way too many podcasts.

Get in touch

I try to stay pretty accessible, but it may take a week or two to respond. Best ways to get in touch are on Twitter at @Shpigford or via email at [email protected].