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I've been doing tiny investments in startups since 2021, primarily to just get my feet wet and to diversify my high-level personal finance holdings. Here are the investments I've made.

Company Year Amount About
AnyDistance March 2022 $10,000 Interactive health company + community
Xiggit March 2022 $1,000 Benefits for hourly workers and freelancers
Oonee March 2022 $1,000 Smart, modular, scalable bike parking
Thimble March 2022 $1,000 Live STEM classes + robotics kits for schools
Bowr March 2022 $1,000 Sustainable furniture design & production
KingsCrowd March 2022 $1,000 Financial data platform for online private markets
Brik + Clik March 2022 $1,000 End-to-end commerce solution for brands and retailers
Curastory February 2022 $1,000 Creator platform for making, monetizing and distributing video content
Miami Cityfund February 2022 $1,000 Real estate index fund of Miami
Evolution Devices January 2022 $1,000 Digital physical therapy with smart therapeutic devices August 2021 $2,500 Business messaging automation platform
Gumroad April 2021 $1,000 Storefront for creators