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Designer Toys

I started collecting designer toys back in 2004. Eventually, my little hobby turned into an actual toy store that my wife and I started in 2006, and then sold in 2009. My collection isn't quite what it was back then, but in the past few years I've started actively collecting again. This is a place for me to show off that collection!

Cactus Friends: Bastardino

Duckoo: Hunter

Duckoo: Indian

Duckoo: Squirrel

Duckoo Winter Land: Blanket Lover

Duckoo Winter Land: Snowman

Dunny: Blargo

Dunny: Blast Off (Orange)

Dunny: Bugga Bugga

Dunny: Ghoulie Jill

Dunny: King Howie

Dunny: Melo

Dunny: Painkiller

Dunny: Tiger Dunny

Dunny: Trouble Maker

Gee Sorry Angel: Overalls

Happy Beaver: Happy Beaver

HazMaPo: Blue Lu

HazMaPo: Greene

HazMaPo: Sharky's Machine

Hench: Undead Recovery Agent

In-Crowd: Alison

In-Crowd: Astrid

In-Crowd: Ebi-chan

In-Crowd: Eric

In-Crowd: Hengist

In-Crowd: Kathleen

In-Crowd: Misha

In-Crowd: Mongo

In-Crowd: Paula

In-Crowd: Red

In-Crowd: Strong Running River

In-Crowd: Tony

IWG: Oishi the Snow Monkey

Janky: Candivera

Janky: King Janky The Fifth

Janky: King Janky the Fourth

Janky: Little Donut

Janky: Mr. Sato

Janky: Ouch

Janky: Ouch

Janky: Smiley Don (Green)

Janky: Tygrr

Janky: Tygrr (Green)

Kub: Kub

Labbit: Pug

Lulu The Wizard: Flying Broom

Lulu The Wizard: Magically Falling

Lulu The Wizard: Magic Owl

Luna Long: Luna Long (Night Edition)

Monsterism: Sancho

Monsterism: Snorse

Monsterism: Trubadour

Raffy: Buck Wethers

Raffy: Evil Buck Wethers

Spyro: Spyro the Dragon

SuperJanky: Bendybones

SuperJanky: JankyTrooper

Tinpo: Frek

Tinpo: Lou

Tinpo: Oddo

Tinpo: Seeb

Tinpo: Sy-Am

Tinpo: Trey

Tinpo: Trey (White)

Uglydoll: Ox

Uglydoll: Wedgehead

Unipo: The Onesies: Blue

Unipo: The Onesies: Magenta

Unipo: The Onesies: Orange

Unipo: The Onesies: Yellow

Vortigerns Machine: Dworkin

Vortigerns Machine: Jubs

Vortigerns Machine: Rufus Ethelred

Vortigerns Machine: Wiggs